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Meet the Team

Our nurses are ready to help you and your family. Most of all, we will provide you with support and encouragement on your journey to wellness. 

Jessica Copeland, RN, BSN.


"Moms Matter means a lot to me. Seeing a postpartum mom recover successfully means that I've done my job. Some women, especially women of color, aren't educated on hypertension and other issues that occur during pregnancy. Through Moms Matter, I can educate women and lead them down the right path."

Jessica has been the lead RN since 2021. With a background in cardiac care and community health, she is passionate about serving Mothers and families in need. 

Katina Sharpe, RN.

"I believe in focusing on the whole person when caring for my patients. I'm passionate about providing quality care while remaining mindful of my patient’s individual preferences and needs."

Katina has been an RN since 2012. During her career, she has worked in a variety of healthcare settings, including clinics, long-term care facilities, and dialysis centers. In addition to being a nurse, Katina holds a bachelor's degree in social work. 


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